4 months old {baby J}

As of October 11th my baby is 4 months old already!! Each month gets better and better. I love seeing his cute little personality come out.

At four months old Jackson is getting so big!! I swear he looks like a toddler sometimes! He weighs 14.9 pounds and is 24.5 inches long. That puts him at 50% for weight and 10% for height. His head is huge and in the 75th percentile range. He did SO much better with his shots this time. He hardly cried getting them- which was the same at his 2 month appointment- however, this time the entire day after he didn't even act like he had gotten shots! He was as happy and playful as ever. I was so relieved.

Jackson loves being rocked to sleep. I rock him to sleep with every nap and at bedtime. Sometimes I wish I could just lay him down and he'd fall asleep, but everyone tells me to cherish the cuddles I get from him so I am trying to take advantage because I realize it won't last forever. He takes two longer naps in the morning and two short naps later in the afternoon. He still wakes up a ton throughout the night to eat! To say I am sleep deprived is an understatement! Thankfully my body is used to no sleep now and I some how manage to make it through my days (with caffeine to help of course).

Jackson smiles all day long! He is the happiest kid unless he is tired or hungry- then he'll make sure the world knows :) we have heard him giggle a couple times but he's not a very giggly baby yet. The few times we heard his laugh I couldn't even take it, it was so cute!

He is starting to get better at baths but I have to be in the bath tub with him. He actually enjoys them when I'm in there! Hopefully he'll grow out of that so baths can be quicker.

He eats great all day long! He is the world's fastest eater I think. He'll be completely done within five minutes or less. And usually eats every 2 hours. He isn't spitting up as much now and he is off his reflux medicine!

He still loves listening to music or white noise while he sleeps and it also helps us get him to sleep. It's funny though, he LOVES one song we play for him and it has now become the only song he listens to. I have probably heard the song over a million times now. As much as it drives me nuts to hear because I am so sick of it.. I'll do whatever it takes to get my baby to sleep! The second we turn the song on he starts shutting his eyes ha! The song is called Rise by Shawn McDonald.

He is still teething but they haven't cut through! He drools like crazy and wants to chew on everything!

He loves his toys, hands, and feet. One of them has to constantly be in his mouth at all times! He also loves his bumbo and standing bouncer.

He doesn't mind the car thank goodness! We are in the car a lot it seems like so this is a huge blessing! The only time he starts to hate it is if we have gotten him in and out of his car seat a million times.

He loves his sling finally! I can wear him in the sling I got for him and he loves it! He'll even sleep in it!

He loves watching cartoons and reading books!

Right now, his most favorite thing to do is stand! He could stand all day long if I let him! We even got
A picture of him standing all on his own while holding on to the coffee table!

The hardest thing we are dealing with right now is getting him to sleep on a flat- non moving surface. He will not sleep unless he's in something that is moving! We've tried so many tricks and he just won't sleep anywhere besides what we call "the car". It's a little cradle thing babies lay in and it moves them like they are in a car. He loves it! I'm praying he will grow out of it soon and start sleeping better in his crib!

He is still the biggest mama's boy ever! He is pretty much attached to my hip all day long! I don't mind him being a mama's boy :)

Each day gets better and better with him. It is so fun watching him grow and develop daily! 

We love you Jackson!!

Another one of daddy's outfits

right before shots

4 month appointment

My lunch date :)