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We have been in Tennessee for 2 1/2 months now.. And it seems like FOREVER! I'm not going to lie, I HATED everything about this place my first couple of weeks here. I hate how small of a town it is, I hate that there isn't a target, I hate that there isn't a close airport, I hate that it's a country/farm town, I hate that there aren't very many restaurants, and lastly I hate that there isn't hardly any shopping! This place is SO not me but I am slowly learning to adjust. Luckily, Jackson keeps me very occupied every day so it really hasn't been that bad. Some things I do like however.. no traffic- at all, how beautiful it is, being able to go on hikes in our backyard practically, and how nice the people are. Again, I'm still not in love with this place but I can at least tolerate it! I'm sure it will get better with time. I miss my family so much though and I'm counting down the days until we go home for thanksgiving and Christmas.

One thing that has been fun is all our little adventures we have been able to go on as a family since living here!  As hard as it is for me, I am loving the fun memories I'm making with Taylor and Jackson!

Some of our adventures have included exploring Knoxville for the first time, going to the lake, going to the town's Labor Day celebration, visiting a local pumpkin patch in Kentucky, having our parents in town, lots of hiking and walks, the ward Halloween party (not your typical ward party), and a trip to Gatlinberg!

Going into each adventure I think to myself "Jackson is going to be terrible! He's not going to nap, he's not going to eat well, and he's going to be so fussy!" And to my surprise he has been close to perfect everywhere we take him! He loves getting out and exploring as much as we do!

We surprised Taylor and showed up on the doorstep. He didn't think we were coming for another week! 

Jackson's first plane ride! He did so good besides the landing :( I think his poor ears were popping.

Our first time exploring Knoxville!

The town we live in does a huge celebration for Labor day. Jackson will love it next year!

Our first time at Norris Lake! 

Left with a sunburn :( We even had him covered and shaded the entire time! 

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Perla Sanchez said...

Keep your chin up, I'm sure it will get better and it looks likes your having so much fun making new memories with your family. :D