Kal + Tay + our brand new baby J!

Before our big move to Tennessee we got to spend a few weeks at home together before Taylor left. I stayed a few weeks longer to have the help from family. I got a little feel for what it is like being a single parent because I was without Taylor for about 3 weeks. It was so hard and exhausting (huge shoutout to all the single parents, don't know how they do it!) Luckily, I had plenty of help from my amazing family. It was SO nice to finally be back with daddy and I think Jackson knew when we were all together again. We tried squeezing in as much friend, family, and shopping time as we could before we left. Jackson and I enjoyed our stay with my parents.. we miss them so much! But it is nice to be a family again with the three of us!

Photo shoot for Jack Jack

4 year anni!

daddy's outfit!

Came to check on him and this is how I found him! Wiggled his way right out almost.. I guess I should start buckling him in! (also, this was at my mom's all she had were baby girl things if ya can't tell)

Going away BBQ with our families

Happy 4th!

Shopping buddy

Celebrating my last day of class!!

mama's boy BIG time!

Wearing one of daddy's sweaters as a baby

Bergan and Jackson

One of our playdates with Natacia and Lucas before we left.

Jackson and his cousin Metz!

Starbucks and Target with my BFF

Sometimes the only way to get this kid asleep is to pouch him in his stroller!

2 month check up!

poor kid had a rough day after his shots :(

Had a goodbye lunch with some of the girls I worked with at St. Marks. I miss them so much!!

Graduation day for my ultrasound program!