Baby Jackson {months 1-3}

First of all, I can't even believe my baby is already 3 months old!! They really aren't joking when they say it goes by super fast! Jackson has been a fun//hard//happy//sad//snuggly// little baby. I was always hoping I would be blessed with one of those babies who sleeps 9 hours a night, lays and entertains themselves, takes good naps... blah blah blah... but who was I kidding?? I don't think there are too many babies out there like that and I had way too high of expectations (plus a HUGE reality check!). I love every single ounce of my baby even if he doesn't hardly sleep, has reflux, cries a lot, only goes to his mama, hates his baths, and has to be held majority of the day. He is definitely a HARD little baby that test my patience daily, but I wouldn't trade him for the world! Not to mention he is the cutest baby on this earth! Although, he has been a challenging baby, he also does things that I love and I hope never change. He loves listening to music and that will usually get him to sleep, he loves his binky which is a huge lifesaver for when he is crying, he loves being outdoors, he nurses like a champ and I have never had one problem with him breastfeeding, he loves to cuddle when he falls asleep, he is so happy when he wakes up, and loves to talk to us.

I think I am finally starting to get the hang of being his mom and figuring out what he needs/likes. The first couple months were rough on all of us but things are finally starting to get better.

My poor baby had reflux, colic, and two teeth cutting through his gums... so I don't really blame him for being fussy. I wouldn't be happy either! On top of all that, he has lived in what seems like 12 different places! We brought him home to our house from the hospital but then shortly after Taylor left for school so him and I moved in with my parents for a few weeks, and now here we are in Tennessee. I finally feel like we can start our new family and adventure now that we are more settled!

At three months he smiles all day long, loves to talk (coo), listening to music calms him right down as well as being outside, his two teeth haven't quite broke through but they are so close, he drools a ton, hates bath time, hates tummy time (but is getting better), holds his head up perfectly, is the biggest mama's boy and has major stranger danger, loves being held while sleeping, still wakes up at least twice a night but usually even more than that :(, and is getting the cutest personality!

1 week old

2 weeks old

3 weeks old

1 month old
9 pounds 13 ounces

2 months old
12 pounds 22 inches long

3 months old 

Jackson also had a minor (what seemed liked major to us) complication in the hospital right before we brought him home. It was the morning of our discharge and the plan was to have Jackson circumsized and then get packed up and take him home. Well the circumsicion did not go as planned. Taylor went back with Jackson to watch them circumsize him so he saw the whole thing happen. I guess when they were in the middle of the procedure, the resident who was supposed to give him the sugar drops, forgot to do it at the beginning so he quickly squirted (what we think was too much) the sugar into his mouth. That caused Jackson to choke on it and stop breathing. Jackson turned blue and went limp so they had to rush him into another room where he finally began breathing again. They think he aspirated some of the sugar into his lungs so he was having a hard time breathing after all that. They decided it was best that he stay in the NICU so he could be monitored and hooked up to oxygen. Just when we thought we were going home with a happy and healthy precious newborn all of this happened! We were seriously devastated. There is nothing worse than seeing your poor baby hooked up to a million things, when minutes before that he was 100% healthy as could be. I know mistakes happen and we shouldn't blame anyone, but it is so hard not to be angry and mad when it is your newborn baby going through all that. We both had a really hard time and pretty much cried the whole time he was in the NICU. We didn't want to leave his side because we were both paranoid something like that was going to happen again. Therefore, for the next 2 days we spent every second in there and neither of us slept. It was emotionally and physically exhausting. No one could answer questions and concerns that we had because no one knew exactly what happened or what caused it to happen. As much as I wanted him to come home, I was now more than paranoid about bringing him home with the fear of another episode happening again. His oxygen levels finally got better and he was able to breath healthy on his own. It was the best feeling in the world to hear that he was ready to be discharged and come home with us! We were still a little scared to bring him home but we were more than ready!
In the NICU... his poor marks from where they taped the oxygen tubing

When we finally got to bring him home and we were the happiest two parents in the world! It was also father's day... Not a better way to celebrate! 

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