Gatlinburg! {OurTennesseeadventures}

Taylor had a few days off so we decided to go on our first family trip! We went to Gatlinburg Tennessee, which is about an hour and a half from where we live. It is also where the Smoky Mountains are. We had a great time and Jackson did wonderful! Taylor got pulled over on our way there... but luckily with my sweet talking, we only got a warning (I told the cop we had a hungry baby--which was the truth!). The speed limits here are ridiculous! I swear there isn't even a speed limit over 45mph.... even on big highways. Anyway, after that we finally made it and explored the little city of Gatlinburg. We took the tram up the mountain and from there we took a ski lift all the way up to a lookout point that overlooks the Smoky Mountains. It was GORGEOUS! The perfect time to go with all the leaves changing color. 

We went back to the hotel so Jackson could nap and play.. and then went and got food and walked around the city some more. People have told us that this place is a lot like Park City, which in some ways is true, however, it is a very unique! Taylor and I were saying how it has a German/Vegas/Park city feel to it. It is a very touristy place with lots of shops and eating so in that sense it reminded us of Vegas, but then it also has a country side to it. And at the same time we also felt like we were in Germany with the way it is decorated and the kind of shops they have ha. I guess it is just a place you have to see for yourself to know what I am talking about! 

The following morning we woke up early and decided to drive through the Smoky Mountains. Jackson slept majority of the time so it was nice to go on a peaceful ride! 

I'd say our first family trip was a success :) (even though it was quick!)

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