5 months {baby J}

My baby is already 5 months old!! (as of Nov. 11th) I swear the months just fly by. When people told me at the beginning that each day gets better and better I had a hard time believing that. However, it is 100% true! Each and every day with this kid truly is the best!

Not a ton has changed since I wrote his 4 month post... besides him getting more adorable by the sec and becoming BUSY!

We finally gave him rice cereal for the first time and he really seemed to like it! He kept grabbing my arm holding the spoon, and pulling it in to take another bite haha. He didn't eat a whole lot.. probably only half but I was happy he seemed to like it! We also tried a little baby food and he liked it as well! He still nurses a ton- all day and all night! He doesn't hardly take a bottle... which I need to be better at giving him one- so we can actually have someone watch him once in awhile.

He still does not sleep through the night :( I am just planning on him never sleeping good.. then I won't get my hopes up. He does take decent naps at least though. Oh and he is still sleeping in "the car" ha it is my goal to have him out of that thing within the next month!

He wears size 6-9 month clothes but still fits into most of his 3-6 as well. He is in size 2 diapers, but I think he is about to grow out of them!

He can sit up completely on his own! He falls over sometimes of course, but I am pretty impressed at how well he does! He also rolls over but doesn't care to all that much- unless he wants a toy or something.

My favorite thing he has started doing is shaking his head from side to side whenever I say "no no no" It is seriously the cutest thing and I was pretty shocked that he caught on to doing it every time I say that!

He likes:
Watching Monsters University or Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Car rides- for the most part
Listening to music while sleeping
His binky
Bouncing in his jumper
Getting his diaper changed (has always loved this)
Pulling out my hair, grabbing, pinching, and pretty much attacking anything he comes in contact with ha!
Playing with his toys
Playing with his hands and feet
Being carried in his sling
Shopping with me! (yay)

He dislikes:
Tummy time
When I leave the room (such a mama's boy)
Loud noises
Being put down - he has to be in with the action all day long
Sleeping anywhere but his car thingy

I love this boy so much!! Can't wait to see what next month has in store for us!