Jump Rope! {fashion & fitness}

This week's fitness tip is one of my favorites.... jump roping! I love jump roping because it is a fun and different way to do cardio. Not only that, but it kicks your butt!! Sometimes I get tired of running, biking, or ellipticals so I try and throw in a jump rope routine every once in awhile! 
Today's workout:
2 minutes of jump roping
10 Burpees 
30 sit ups {any variation}
Repeat 4 times- or however many you want

It took me about 25-30 minutes is all! Quick, fun, and convenient! 
Try it out one day this week! 

Burpee: Step 1

Burpee: step 2

Burpee: last step
Whole workout outfit: Nike Store! 

And of course I have to do it in style{not really}! I love workout clothes! Have a great day xox

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s said...

now if i worked out, the outfit you are wearing is EXACTLY what i would wear. love the monochromes, so perfect! xO!