Top: {won at a game}
Bottoms: Charlotte Russe
Vest: F21
Shoes: F21
Glasses: Warby Parker

So like I said yesterday, I had a big game to attend. For those of you who aren't familiar with this game, it is known as "The holy war". Two of the biggest rivalries in Utah. It is so much fun to go to this rivalry because people are so crazy getting into it and it is pretty much a HUGE deal in Utah. You are either rooting for Utah or BYU. It was a "heart attack waiting to happen" kind of game. One of the craziest games I have been to! Although I almost had a heart attack, the Utes won and it was amazing! It was so fun to sit with some of my best friends and girls I used to dance with! The final score was 24-21. {talk about close} Perfect way to end my weekend! 
I own a ton of University of Utah attire so it is so much fun putting together outfits for the games! Everyone needs a little school spirit in their wardrobes right!? I hope you all enjoyed your day! And again, GO UTES!

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the Queen City Style said...

Oh my goodness... Best Game Day Outfit EVER!! This is so fun and you are so fun!! I'm thinking you did not, but did you by chance see my school spirit ensemble from last week? Here it is: Hilarious I am channeling my past that is 1/2 of my life ago, but it is fun to show school spirit, no?? You look gorgeous. http://www.thequeencitystyle.com/2012/09/back-to-school.html