Pregnancy in a nutshell {baby J}

I'm finally back with LOTS of changes.
I now have graduated from my ultrasound program, had a baby, moved across the country to Tennessee, and have survived 3 whole months of parenthood! 

Before I forget everything about my pregnancy I wanted to document all my pictures and adventures during the 9 months!

Taylor and I unexpectingly got pregnant, and even though we were totally freaked out, totally unprepared, and totally not ready for a baby, he has been the biggest blessing in our lives and we love our Jackson Taylor North with all our hearts! I don't even remember what life was like without him in it and I wouldn't have it any other way.

My pregnancy was not bad at all. I actually enjoyed it for the most part! I was really sick for the first trimester and threw up LOTS. However, after that it was all smooth sailing! By the end I was uncomfortable and done being pregnant...but I will admit I miss feeling little kicks all day long and looking down at my growing belly. I tried to stay active during my pregnancy which I truly think that is what made it so easy for me! I tried to work out at least 3 days a week and I did that clear up until the baby was born. I was also still finishing my ultrasound clinicals at the hospital my entire pregnancy so that kind of forced me to be active as well.  And because I was doing my clincials, I was able to see my baby, through ultrasound, the entire 9 months! It was so fun to watch my little guy grow from literally day one. 
Because this pregnancy was so unplanned and unexpected Taylor and I decided to wait awhile to tell anyone. We found out we were pregnant in October and decided we would keep it a secret until December/Christmas when I was about 16 weeks along. HARDEST SECRET I HAVE EVER HAD TO KEEP!!! And it is safe to say I will probably never keep another pregnancy a secret for that long again! It was so fun seeing our families reaction on Christmas though... Something we will never forget! 

Some facts about my pregnancy:

I didn't crave much of anything while being pregnant, just ate normal
I didn't get any stretch marks!! (wahoo! thankfully)
I gained about 20 pounds 
I slept pretty good up until the last month
I got scanned by my friend around 14 weeks and she could tell the gender, however, Taylor and I decided to wait until Christmas to find out what it was!
I had a dream right when I got pregnant of my grandma Love handing me a baby boy... so I always knew it was going to be a boy!
I started to feel the baby move around 16 weeks
I felt the baby move the most at night time after my long days
I have a negative blood type so I had to get the Rhogam shot 
I tested positive for strep B (so I had to be put on antibiotics during labor)
I had healthy blood pressure and no complications
My belly circumference was measuring 2 weeks bigger than what I really was... So They were thinking I was going to have a big baby! (really, it was my tiny torso having nowhere to grow but out!)
I feel pretty dang lucky to have had the pregnancy I did!

Here are some photos {a crap load} of my ENTIRE journey through the 9 months! 
Enjoy! {these are mainly for my sake to remember!}

8 weeks!

                                                 8 weeks/ 12 weeks/ 16 weeks

15 weeks!

Christmas morning... still did not know the gender!

Opened it up to see that it is a BOY!!!

Just told my family!!
16 weeks!
17 weeks! 

20 weeks! half way

We went on a cruise with Tay's family to Mexico and Key West! I was about 23 weeks

24 Weeks

28 Weeks

29 weeks

30 weeks

We had found out we were moving to Tennessee.... So we had to try the best BBQ places in SLC!

Celebrating my birthday and Easter. 31 Weeks!

33 Weeks! Happy Easter :)
My Grandpa Love's viewing. around 35-36 weeks

At the shower my best friend's threw for me. 
37 weeks

The shower my family threw for me! My sister and I were 2 months apart! Still 37 Weeks.

Best support system there is ^^! Love all my nieces and nephews! 38 ish weeks 

One of our last dates before baby

One of my last days working at the hospital! My friend Kenz and I were 2 weeks apart! 

39 weeks... ready to pop!

A couple days before his arrival... large and in charge! 

And Last but not least........................

Right before we left to go to the hospital to have our baby!
40 w e e k s!!

What a crazy 9 months! Call me crazy but I miss that belly and feeling kicks all day long! 

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