Guest post {Dearest Honey}

Today I am so excited to be swapping blogs with Kashia at Dearest Honey! You all need to go check out her blog for some amazing fashion and style! This girl rocks everything she wears and is gorgeous at doing so! I would love to have her entire wardrobe! 

Hey Kallee Mae readers! I am so excited to be guest posting over here today! I can totally see why you all follow her blog. Her fashion sense is incredible! She has a way of making items that you would have never put together look so beautiful together! She has really helped me think outside the box and get out of my style comfort zone!
I blog over at Dearest Honey and absolutely love sharing my ideas on how to dress affordably, eating healthy, and feeling beautiful inside and out and all of this within a small budget! Don't get me wrong, I love my high fashion blogs, but our newlywed budget just doesn't seem to be able to fit those stores just yet ;-) I am a hair stylist from sunny California and love sharing a thing or two on how to keep your luscious mane healthy and gorgeous.  You should head on over, get a few tips and say hello!

1. What is currently your favorite fashion trend?
     My favorite fashion trend would definitely have to be the chunky infinity scarfs, and the oh so comfortable leather leggings! I seriously could wear both of these everyday. 
2. What is your advice for "fashion on a budget"?
     When shopping, go in with a plan. Pin, google, do whatever you need to find ideas of your style. No matter how expensive it may be. That way when you go into stores like Target, Forever21, H&M, Old Navy etc, you can look beyond just a plain striped shirt and realize you could easily make it look just as adorable as that Jcrew shirt just by adding a statement necklace or throwing a cute cardigan over it. Never just browse in "less expensive" stores. You wont find what you are looking for and you'll just end up buying something you have no clue what to do with. For example, if I find an adorable pink pencil skirt at Nordstroms and it's just a little out of my price range, I keep it in mind, head on over to one of my go-to stores and look for something similar. I end up finding something better in my taste and way less expensive. I also like to remind myself that I can get two skirts for the price of that one skirt at Nordstroms. The more the merrier right? ;-)
3. How would you describe your style?
    Girly/Feminine! Hands down. The way my mom used to punish me when I was younger was to threaten to put me in pants and go to school like that. I wore dresses 24/7! I love being a girl and find it important to embrace it!
4. What is one particular thing in your wardrobe {makeup, clothes, shoes, or jewelry} you cannot live without?
   One particule thing in my wardrobe I cannot live without.. My wedding ring (of course. I get it cleaned almost twice a month.. oops) Runner up to that would definitely be a tie between my Buxom mascara (seriously, AH-MA-ZING guys!) you only have to apply a couple coats and it looks like you just paid the big bucks for eyelash extensions and my plush pink blazer, you can pair that with anything and wear it anywhere!
5. Who are your fashion icons?
Olivia Palermo, my go to girls-Gossip Girls, Rachel from Pink Peonies, Lauren Conrad, Zoe Saldana

See I told you she is gorgeous and so stylish!! 
To see my post on Kashia's blog click here!


Erin Nicole said...

I followed you :)!!! Kallee is right you are darling! love that y'all swapped blogs! I read both post, both of y'all are so darling:)!

s said...

love the pants! xO!

Andy After Flats said...

beautiful! Love it!