ER scare

Just when I thought we were done with doctors, I end up being rushed to the ER! Last Wednesday I decided to go into inta care because I was feeling a little off. Thinking I was going to leave with some medicine, I end up being told I have to rush to the ER in an AMBULANCE. First off, there was no way I was riding in an ambulance because I was fine. Second off,  I felt like I was in no condition to have to go to the ER. After spending 8 hours in the ER I left with a prescription of ibuprofen. They were concerned I had something going on with my heart or maybe a blood clot in my lung but every thing came back negative and I was as healthy as can be. Nothing like scaring a girl to death! Therefore, I took a little break from blogging to get back to 100%. I am feeling tons better and I am happy to be back! 

Top: H&M
Bottoms: F21
hoes: Target
Hat: H&M
Purse: Aldo
Watch : Marc Jacobs

I had to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours.. no fun :(
 Have a great Monday! Can't wait for Thanksgiving!


Lauren said...

They shouldn't scare you like that! Fancy waiting 8 hours for a medicine you can get over a counter! Glad you're okay though!



Kirsten Wiemer said...

thats seriously crazy. i've heard of things happening like that. this is why i refuse to go to the doctor, that and its expensive.
glad you are ok though!


Elsha Bodily said...

curse you doctors and your insane need to jump to conclusions! You look adorable even in that gown :) Love the blue as well

Kelsey Eaton said...

That's so frustrating! Everything was just fine but now you're stuck with a huge bill I'm sure.

Super cute outfit! You look gorgeous!

Jordan Skiles said...

I'm so glad they were wrong!!! I hate that you were under all that stress!! I would have been freaked out!

Love those leopard booties!! :)

xx, Jordan

Faith said...

omg, i can only imagine the type of freaking out you did. doctors, ugh!

on a better note, LOVE your outfit!

Gentri said...

Ok, so this might be not an ok question to ask, but what are/ where your symptoms? A few years ago I thought I was having hear problems and had a bunch of other weird symptoms. Turns out I have Grave's Disease which is a type of Hyperthyroidism. It can be serious when it's not treated. But I'm also just fine. :) The palpitations are what bug me the most.

You look so so cute and I"m glad you're ok!

Ginny said...

Oh my gosh! So glad you're ok! Love the blue sweater on you, by the way. :)

A Girls Kind of Therapy said...

So glad you are ok! Love you

Liv said...

Yikes! I'm sorry you had to go through that, but I'm glad everything turned out alright in the end.


Clare D said...

Oh no! Sorry about the heart monitoring. But at least you have a nice warm cozy sweater and awesome leopard shoes to go with it!


Aub said...

That's scary! Glad you're fine, you look cute! Love your sweater! :)


Lindsay Ann said...

wow, I would have been scared too! glad to hear you are back to normal & blogging! If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my latest post. xo

fashionable footprints

Annie said...

Oh no! Glad you're doing better - what a scary feeling. You look super cute - love those leopard shoes :)

The Other Side of Gray

Amy said...

I am so sorry that happened to you but I am glad you are okay! Love that sweater!!


Preslava Tsacheva said...

Hey, really great sweater and bag!
But what is more important, I hope you are better now :) I wish you all the good :)


Jeans and a Teacup said...

Oh my gosh! Glad you are ok! That's definitely scary.

Karolina said...

Glad you're ok now!
Nice sweater and booties!

xx Karolina

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Kacie said...

That is so scary! My hubby has a heart problem and it worried my so much because it took us almost a year to find out the problem. Glad you are better! You look fabulous!


Lindsay Patrick said...

Super scary! glad to hear everything is ok and your feeling much better :)


Sharena C. said...

Ahh love the look. and the shoes!

Joy Shana said...

that is scary, glad your ok:)love the blue sweater

Maneet Jassal Gupta said...

That does sounds scary! Glad to know you are feeling better now!


Joana said...

You're very pretty ;) visit my fashion blog, lots of outfit ideas! - http://joanakoleva.blogspot.com

Jayme and Mendi said...

So glad you are doing ok and feeling better!! Loving that blue sweater and those leopard shoes!

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

karina said...

sweet look)

Emily said...

Such a cute look and I am so glad that you are okay! So scary.


the Queen City Style said...

What in the world girl?? I am so sorry. I had to go to ER in an ambulance a few years ago after going into Atrial Fibrulation... very scary!! I am glad you are okay!!

fleurani said...

Wow, that is crazy that they scared ou like that for getting that medicine you can get at the counter. Well, I am glad everything is fine and you are feeling better dear :-)


PS: You word verification is still on, there is a setting where you can set it off, its a pain in the butt to enter all the time :-)