L.O. V. E

Top: Target
Bottoms: Bastille 
Shoes: Target
Jacket: F21

Growing up I have owned a million clothes that say "love" on them. My maiden name is Love, so whenever my mom saw something with love on it she made sure to buy it. Even though that is no  longer my name I still get a little excited when I see something with love on it and feel like I have to buy it! So of course when I saw this "Love" sweater on sale, I had to have it! 
Have a wonderful fall day everyone!


Citrus - Refreshing Fashion said...

what a great sweater!!! that is awesome girl!

XO Meghan

Rachel said...

Such a cute top! I love Target!

Life Unsweetened

Tyler and Megan said...

The funny thing about this, is that I was shopping through the clearence rack at target....and I found that sweater and guess who I thought of! I always think of you when I see a "love" sweater you pretty lady! Love your blog! Tyler always talks about how we should get together with you guys! Love ya!

s said...

you look so amazing! love the love shirt! xO!

Kallee Mae said...

Haha so funny meg!! You totally should have gotten it! I agree we should hang out! And not just say it but do it!! Love you meg! Text me!

Sarah Stanfield said...

Love the sweater! It's very cute on you.


Christy, Aaron, and Grace Chan said...

Thanks for stopping by my site! You are gorgeous! And I love your style. Will definitely be following along with you and looking forward to more posts! :)


alchi yonjen said...

you have a nice blog:) keep updating!!

Monic said...

Hi! Thanks for the nice comment :) Your blog is also fantastic :) I follow:) Maybe follow me back?:) Monic

Amy said...

such a great sweater and such a cute story!

xx amy

Leopard and Lillies

Understated Classics Clare said...

What a great sweater! Love love love love love it!

Understated Classics

Carol Amy said...

Adore the love sweater and the leopard loafers.


XxxLoveIsBeautyxxX said...

lovely sweater! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

Sarah Beth said...

Love this sweater! So cute!

xoxo Sarah Beth

Caring Cowls

Always Maylee said...

I LOVE this sweater, it's so cute and you look so pretty!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

The_Leather_Skirt_Blog said...

You are as cute as a button!

BTW... thank you sooo much for the sweet comment on my blog. Of course I will "follow" you, too!

Hope you will stop by again soon?


HelenDushko said...

you're lookin' edgy!
let's follow each other-let me know and I'll return the favor