Happy Halloween!

Obviously Halloween was yesterday, and this post was supposed to be for yesterday... However, I ended up being at the doctors ALL day with my husband trying to figure what is going on with him. {Luckily, everything looked ok}
Anyway, here are some of my favorite costumes{I don't dress up too often...i'm a party pooper}
I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!
Halloween 2008- Wayne/Garth

Halloween 2009- batman/catwoman

Halloween 2011- "UP" characters

Top: Ross
Bottoms: H&M
Shoes: Target {on sale!}
Hat: H&M {on sale, 3 dollars!}

This year I decided to be a fashion blogger hehe! {or I could pass for a hobo}


Lauren said...

love your plaid & leopard, cute combo!


Gentri said...

haha! I almost decided to be a fashion blogger yesterday, but then I decided to be a nerd. It was only for an hour and it was way easy. haha!
Love your past costumes! and I love this outfit! That hat is way cute!

Inge Lakawa said...

omg the one with grandpa costum scares me >_< lol

btw thanks for visit and follow my blog. i follow you too ^^


voguerka said...

hey! Thank you for visiting me :) I love your blog :) and the layout! I have to work a bit on my design.. :) But I'm not good at it :) Following you now! Hope to stay in touch! You have great pics and lovely eyes! Hope you have a chance to visit Poland someday :) kisses xoxox


Nora Aradi said...

Nice photos!


Jenn said...

Love it! I love the "UP" costumes :) and you look super cute! thanks for stopping by my blog- so glad I'm not the only one listening to Christmas music! haha


A Girls Kind of Therapy said...

Love last years costume! hope Tay is ok!

Rachel said...

Wayne & Garth is hilarious!

Life Unsweetened

Annie said...

Such cute costumes, and I love that last photo of you!

The Other Side of Gray

Jo Abiog said...

I love the batman and catwoman costumes!!

I hope your husband is all well? Hope he feels better!!

♥, Jo
{Style + Travel}

Chicks AboutFashion said...
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Chicks AboutFashion said...

Nice pictures!

Thanks for your comment!
I'm following you now.



Jo Lane said...

Love the Waynes world costumes!!!! I love your blog! I am your newest follower.
lovinglifeinthefablane.blogspot.com follow each other :)

Frastef said...

Fantastic pics!!!

Maria Flicka said...

The batman and the catwoman costumes are so awesome!! You look lovely in your outfit, and the hat is sooo cute!
Thank you so much for stopping by, hope you're having a nice day and have a wonderful weekend<3


"Sa├║de & Beleza - Health & Beauty"

Emily said...

Love your cute fall outfit! Looks like your Halloween was so much fun! I am now following you back!


Always Maylee said...

Can you be any more adorable!? Um, I am obsessed with your 'Up' costumes, SO cute!

xo, Yi-chia
Always Maylee

Lauren said...

Great Halloween costumes! I love your outfit, the green and red look great on you



Kacie said...

Your Up costume is soooo cute! I hope everything is ok with your hubby! We had a scare with my hubby and it took almost a year and a lot of tests to figure out that he has a heart problem. Hope it's nothing serious with your man.


Nat said...

These are really lovely pictures, Great blog!


Winnie said...

fun costumes!! I like your plaid shirt :)


Anonymous said...

What a nice outfit! :)

The Beauty Fairy said...

Hi!! Lovely blog!! Congrats!! I've just followed you!! Would you like to follow me back?? Kisses!! http://thebeautyfairyblog.blogspot.gr/

CoastWithMe said...

Hi girlie! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I'm following you now on GFC and Facebook:)!

Shely said...

You and your husband's costumes are so cute! and cute outfit btw! x


Monic said...

you alvays look very nice:) fantastic photos:) monic

Sara Flynn said...

um loving this outfit! I have special place in my heart for plaid, and that hat!


Amber Rathvon said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am your newest follower. =) You are rockin' those leopard booties and your hat is just too cute. I love the pom!

Avec Amber