Park & Walk {fashion & fitness}

Top: F21
 Tights: Target
 Shoes: F21
 Purse: H&M
 Fedora: Target
 Necklace: F21

As much as I love fashion, I also love living a healthy lifestyle. I studied exercise science and nutrition in my undergraduate degree so I realize how important it is to include that in your life. Trust me when I say IMPORTANT.. literally, it can save your life! So I thought I would throw in a tip for everyone and anyone to try out this week! I realize how busy life can get and sometimes working out just doesn't fit into our lives every single day. Therefore, do things that FORCE YOU to move. Try Parking in the very last  parking stall and walking to the store. It is not much, but it is making you move and that is the important part!  I love that Harmon's advertises it in their lot, I wish every store would! Make it a goal this week, I certainly am! 
On a side note...... I am excited to bring all my tights out,
it's just about the perfect temperature to wear them and I love it! 
Hopefully you can finish your weekend off great!

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