Hello Blogging World!!

Believe it or not this is my very FIRST time blogging! As sad as it sounds, I don't even know much about the blogging world. Therefore, please bare with me as I figure this crazy thing out.

So here is me in a nutshell!

  • I am 4'11" :)
  • I am 24 years young
  • I am crazy in love with my husband
  • I am a graduate of the University of Utah
  • I am currently going back to school to become a sonographer
  • I am slightly obsessed with fashion  
  • I am striving to live healthy and active 
I hope to be able to share some of my passions and things I love with everyone. I have been wanting to start a fashion blog for almost a year now....not because I think I am the most fashionable person (I WISH!) but because I honestly love wearing whatever I want and making it work. I am busy with school and work but wanted to be able to do something I love on the side (fashion). Since I unfortunately don't have enough money to shop every single day (again, I WISH), I make what I have work! You are more than welcome to embark with me on this journey of mine, which I hope you do! 

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