First Day of School

 Today is the first day of school for me! It is bittersweet. As much as I love learning and furthering my education, I also enjoy just working and not having the stress of school. However, one thing  I am excited about is school clothes! Seriously, I am like a little kid when it comes to school shopping and saving your new clothes for school. So here is my "first day of school outfit".

These next two years better go by fast! Good luck to everyone starting up school again!

Top: Nordstroms
 Leggings: Charlotte Russe
 Shoes: Steve Madden
 Purse: Aldo


Natacia said...

Favorite Outfil Ever I love it! I don't know how to follow or anything it is confusing!!!

A Girls Kind of Therapy said...

Love this Kal! I can't wait for Fall